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When it comes to earning online money blogging is one of the most authenticated options.

Many people are earning millions through blogging and will continue to earn money as the internet is speedily spreading throughout the world.

in blogging many times beginner writes an article by following all conditions but fails when it comes to gaining traffic to the article.

They fail to boost their article which leads to problems in absence and money earning.

If you are facing such a problem then you don’t need to worry in this article we explain all the possible ways to boost your article in authenticated ways.

this factor needs to be followed for ranking the article

WordPress features

As in the current situation, almost 90 % of people choose WordPress to write articles over Blog-spot which makes it very easy to optimize articles.

Many people use WordPress but neglect its feature of SEO which is very important for ranking of articles. When you are paying money for a platform to write an article then you must utilize its features properly.

In WordPress some SEO-related features like rank math, Yost-SEO. if you use it in the right way then it helps to make your article rank on Google.


There are some problems that people face while increasing their SEO score in WordPress here are the tips for such problems.

1) try to use minimum-size images and copyright-free images. Many sites on Google provide copyright-free images but wait don’t use image as it is even if they are free to use.

Just add some of your logo or name on that image which will make it unique.

2) don’t use artificial artificial many AI tools write articles for you.

Google policies are very strict if you use AI content then it will impact your ranking position also adsence account.

3) some other points like using long-tail keywords, using targeted keywords, using point tables, and using FAQ are some points which you should keep in mind while writing a blog article.

Social media platform

In today’s generation, there is a boom in social media, almost % of the population uses social media daily.

From teenagers to old age people everyone on either Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.

You can use this platform to boost your content. 

You post your article on your account whether it’s Instagram or Facebook. You can use WhatsApp to share your content with a particular group of people.

The main advantage thing about social media is that you don’t need to maintain a routine for this as social media is an entertainment platform that everyone uses daily.

So if you use social media properly then you can gain lots of traffic to your article which will boost your article’s ranking.

Paid plugins

If you are still facing some issues after following all the steps to boost the content then a paid plugin will be the final option for you.

Many authenticated platforms provide paid plugins to boost your article to the top position.

Though it may be costly sometimes it will help your blog to rank on top position.

If you don’t have money then simply post articles daily In the right way your article will boost automatically after some time.


paid suggestion

if you are new at blogging then you can take suggestion from expert people who has years of experience in blogging.

you will get such experts in freelancing sites easily.

you just need to pay some money o then after that they will tell you the necessary things to change on your website to rank your article. also if you don’t know SEO-friendly articles then you can take paid articles from writers.

many such problems need expert solutions sometimes beginner change their code of the WordPress site without having proper knowledge which leads to the loss of their site.

so in such a situation, it is better to pay some amount of money to an expert and take their advice otherwise you can take suggestions from YouTube or Google it will take some time but your problem will get solved after some time.


Don’t do this

Just like what you can do to boost your content there are some methods that people do which you shouldn’t do.

Many platforms provide paid traffic for your content and also provide the number of likes and comments whatever number you want.

We strongly suggest you that please don’t use such short tricks as they can damage your website SEO.

Also, don’t try to manipulate your vehicle just to gain a high amount of traffic.

though you will get a high amount of traffic it can lead to the disabling of your AdSense account permanently also google can decrease your ranking from the top position.

Also when you are posting an article link on social media then share the link only on authenticated platforms don’t share it on inappropriate content platforms.

also don’t share your link on fake viral social media groups it can lead to drive boat traffic. 


1] Can I pay Google to rank my website higher?

Ans: google doesn’t accept money to rank any website.

2] Can you pay to improve your SEO?

Ans: you can take paid advice to improve your SEO.

3] What is No 1 most important Google ranking factor?

Ans: SEO is the No. 1 most important factor for Google ranking.

4]What is the best image file for SEO?

Ans: image with your website logo and focus keyword best for SEO.

5] How do I choose a domain name for SEO?

Ans: The domain name should be similar to the niche of your website.


If you follow the methods mentioned in the above paragraph then we are sure that you will get some good results.

But the main thing in this is that you maintain your consistency many such people got Adsense approval only because of their consistency of posting articles regularly.

If you like this page then make sure you share it with your friends Circle who are in the blogging field and if you have any other doubts about blogging then please mention them in the comment section we will try to help you within a week.

Thanks for visiting our page once again.

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