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Preparing for a competitive job is not new or rocket science in America but you should first find the answer to why you have to invest your time in competitive exam preparation.

Once you get the proper answer to this question then half of the problems will get solved easily.

In this article we explain all answers related to competitive exams and how you can prepare for them, you just need to read this article carefully we guarantee you all your queries related to competitive exams will vanish at the end of this article.

Understand the competitive exam

In competitive exams, the government conducts a special type of exam through which they select a particular amount of people for the government.

In almost every country in the world government job has a special aura to a corporate job which lead to increased competition in government job whether in America or India.


Sources for competitive exam preparation

Offline source

As we are talking about preparation for exam with a job offline learning become a little bit difficult.

If we look then offline sources are more impactful than online sources.

So if you are doing the job then you can join offline classes nearby you.

One thing you must do that join morning batches as if you join the night batch then you will not be in a condition to concentrate after doing the job for the whole day.

Online sources


Nowadays YouTube is the best platform to learn things online.

The best part about YouTube is that you can learn from YouTube anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need to pay a single money for this except for internet recharge but if you use wifi in your office then you can save it by downloading.

but the problem related to YouTube is in the current situation there are many content creators which leads to a student being confused about choosing a perfect teacher for the subject.


paid course

many online platforms provide online courses and also they provide support for every problem related to the syllabus.

the best thing about a paid course is they take an exam with thousands of students like you so it makes you study hard to beat others.

also, his platform gives you your performance in every topic of the subject.

paid course in proper arrangement so you don’t need to find for particular topic information like in youtube. 


how to manage exam study while doing the job


if someone decides to do extra work while doing a study or job then no matter how much time is left for the extra thing that person will do it.

so below method is not the only option you have to study while doing your job you can create your solution also.

the only thing you have to be careful of is that consistency while working is required. 


break time

break time is the biggest benefit of a corporate job for study. in such a situation, you can do one thing that you can practice multiple-choice questions as much possible as. 

you can also create MCQ question related to the topic you studies so it will make o recall all topic easily.

Also in a corporate job company arranges many small entertainment programs such time you can utilize your time to solve mcq related to the exam.



holiday time

when it comes to the corporate job holiday laws are there so you can utilize your holiday time for exam study.

holidays give you much more time to study so you can work on a subject which is hard and which takes so much time to understand. so you can understand all the topics.


utilization of project

many project activities are different from company projects taken by the company to explore the skills of employees.

in such a scenario, you can select a project related to your study topic so it will make it easy to understand your exam subject. 



management of time 

time management is very important when it comes to studying while doing the job.

like a study in the morning is necessary because night study is not effective due to the stress of working in an office in the daytime.

also, you can divide your topic over days like Monday to Friday you can study the easy topic and on Saturday and Sunday a hard subject because of lots of time on the weekend.

also, many times due to hectic project work it’s unable to get proper sleep in such cases you can work on mathematical topics. 


Is clearing competitive exams tougher than a corporate job

See competitive test is ultimately an exam conducted by the government so there are high chances of security in a government job as compared to a corporate job.

Also, there are many such benefits of government and due to these benefits, many people focus on competitive exams which make it tougher than corporate exams in various countries.


1] What is the most competitive test in the US?

Ans: The SAT is the most competitive examination in the USA.

2] How much percentage is required to study in the USA?

Ans: on average you require above 7 GPAs to study in the USA.

3]Which country has the hardest tests?

Ans: Countries like the USA and China have the hardest exams in the world.

4]What are the international tests for the USA?

Ans: SAT, ACT, and GRE are the some of international exams for the USA.

5]is it hard to crack competitive exams in the USA?

Ans: though it is hard to crack competitive tests in the USA if you study consistently in a proper way then cracking exams is easy.


Whether it’s preparing for a competitive exam or learning extra skills while doing the job is not an easy thing but if you dedicate yourself 100 % then it can be achievable very easily.

Many such examples in society prove that anyone can learn and earn extra while working.

We hope that all the information we explain about preparing for the competitive test Will help you to prepare for the exam and if you have more doubts related to this topic then make sure you leave comments.

We will try to solve your doubts within a week, thanks for visiting our page and if you like it then please share it with your friends and family who are facing the same problem.


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