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Copyright issue create when someone steal your original informational content, video, or images.
as in the last few years, there has been a boom in social media platforms.

Social media platforms are used for various purposes and for that many people require content, images and that’s leads to sometimes stealing of data without seeking owners’ permission.

If someone steals your content then how you can solve the problem with the help of an attorney is all we are going to discuss in this article.


[Note]: there are many types of copyright claims in this video we elaborate on only social media copyright claims.



Attorney role

Copyright claim is also a legal procedure and it should be handled in legal ways If you are facing such an issue then you can contact with attorney.

An attorney will first check and verify whether the opposite person who uses your data is yours or not. After verifying attorney will check that does opponent person takes any permission from you or not.

Sometimes we mistakenly click on the button free to use and then create our problem for ourselves.


If someone is using your content without your permission then the attorney will send them a message and will try to alert them to remove all copyrighted content from their platform.

if they don’t listen and keep your content on their platform then. attorney makes copyright claim reports and will take strict action against them.

attorney can also file police complaints about copyright claims.



Complex cases

When it comes to copyright issues on YouTube or blogs it is not that complex as Google has very strong restrictions on copyright uses.

Google itself restricts all blogs and take down video that uses other content.

In complex situations if you created some paid course related to marketing, affiliates, or anything which is in your field and posted it as a paid course.


In such cases sometimes fraud people purchase your course and after purchasing they change the video voice, video resolution, and some basic structure with the help of Adobe apps which are extraordinary in video editing.


Then the problem becomes more complex. But with the help of experience and clever you can solve your problem
In such cases, attorney will first file a complaint in the IT cell.

To make fall fraud people into a trap attorney will contact people to purchase your course at a cheap price and when such a person comes in contact who will provide a video at a cheap price then the attorney will take legal action.

As someone can change video resolution and outframe there will particular ID of video that always remain with that video. There are many more ways that attorneys know to grab fraudsters.




Should I soft corner in copyright matters?

No, you should take it seriously if someone is using your content without your permission.

Many times people use the content for inappropriate methods which can lead to trouble for you if something wrong happens though you are not doing it.

Because your content involves some problematic matter it becomes a headache for you.

so you have to be very careful about your content and should take strict action if someone is using your content without your permission especially if you find that particular person using it for an illegal process.




How I can save myself from copyright issues?

If any third person doesn’t have the right to use your content then you should also follow the copyrights rule.

There are many such data here you have to use third-party data.

you can’t create images on your own so many times you need images for your blog or videos then you can just use copyright-free images from various websites that provide copyright-free images.


If you are using some music or footage in videos then you can give credit to that particular owner in the description.

Also in the same way whenever you use someone’s data then give credit to the original user by mentioning their detail in your content.


If you have some data and you don’t know that it is original then you just go on Google and verify whether that data is plagiarism or not if you plagiarize that data then don’t use that data as it has already been taken by someone.





Should I hire only an experienced attorney in this matter?

As copyright issues are not as big as accidents or investment matters it’s not that necessary to hire only experienced attorneys for copyright issues.

If you hire an average attorney with a good sense of humor then it is also OK to make your case strong while performing a copyright claim



Should I permit everyone to use my data?

Many people will use your data in an authenticated way and for that, they will try to email you.

If someone is trying to seek your permission then you can permit that person but keep in mind that you search about that channel.

You can just check how that person is utilizing information and presenting it to the user.

If that person is using content for illegal purposes then you should not give any permission to such persons.




1] What is the punishment for copyright claim?

Ans: high amount of charge and 6 month prison.

2] Is a copyright claim legal?

Ans: yes , copyright claim is legal.

3] Does copyright claim expire?

Ans: yes, there are limited period of time around 90 days.

4] Does copyright owner get paid?

Ans: yes if owner demand some amount for his loss.





Though there is lots of third-party app to spin the information google have a very strict rule. If you writing a blog or sharing images on Google then you don’t need to worry about your data. Google will give verification to only the original author.

If someone is using your information in some useful work by seeking your permission then you should permit that person. if you feel that this article help you to solve problem related to copyright issue then don’t forget to like and share. Thank you.


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