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online money
online money




Money is the key factor for everything and as modernizing world from student to worker everyone wants to earn money while doing their work.

If you are a student and struggling to find a way to earn money while studying then you in the right path. In this article, we try to explain all the possible ways to earn money as a student.

We hope that all your doubts about earning with learning will be solved in the last paragraph of the blog.


Major source to earn money online

There are many sources to earning money with learning here we mention some top sources which are mostly used by students to earn money.




youtube money
youtube online money


in the current scenario, YouTube is the best source to earn money while doing your study.

YouTube is top in this list because students can make videos of their study, own syllabus, and teach other students.

This will help you to understand your syllabus very well while earning money.

On YouTube you just have to make the video you don’t need to show your face and YouTube’s main advantage is you can make videos anytime anywhere.

One biggest advantages of YouTube is once you upload a video on the platform you don’t need to do anything and your earnings continuously increase.





blogging money
blogging money



Blogging is also one of the amazing sources of earning with learning.

Many students have an interest in writing, typing, and storytelling and blogging is the best way for such talent.

Blogger is a free platform where anyone can post an article after posting some article google check your article and monetize the blog.

Once you get adscence approval you will start to earn money with your blogging.

blogging is also best in a such way that you don’t need other help and you can write a blog anywhere if you start getting interested in it then it becomes your hobby to write a blog which ultimately helps you to earn money.

there are many topics on which you can write a blog but for students, we suggest that try to start a blog on a topic where you have an interest so your desire for blogging will sustain for a long period as it requires a lot of patience.






freelancing money
freelancing money



freelancing is also a prominent source to earn money as a student.

As far as all the options available in the list freelancing is the best method after YouTube.

In freelancing, you have to complete client work for money.

Working as a freelancer is very easy. For working on a freelancing site you need some skills that will help people solve their problems if you don’t have any skills then don’t worry some work requires basic knowledge like PDF conversion, and image cropping.

You can learn a basic skill from YouTube and use that skill in completing freelancing work.



stock market


stock market money
stock market money



stock market is also one of the best sources to earn money while working on some project or doing other work.

Many students and employees work on trading and earn profit.

As the stock market is not easy it requires skill and knowledge about stocks which makes the stock market a little bit risky option than others.

However, if you only learn stock market strategies and gain experience it will also be beneficial for you as you can use it for future investment purposes.

scheme provided by the government for earn money with study

Yes, many schemes work based on learning with earn. you just have to just enroll in such a scheme provided by the government.

No matter how much the world modernize there will always gap between rich and poor family such families need to struggle for basic need like food, and shelter for such student’ The government provides a scheme for various project that helps them to learn with earn.

If you are sincere and loyal toward your study and work then success will always be surrounded by you.

what if I need to compromise with study while earning?

Yes, sometimes you have to compromise with your study while earning money as a student.

Many students work in serials, and movies as child artists so many times they have to go for shooting at night so absolutely they face disturbance in their studies but they must complete study in the remaining time.


Earning money is not wrong but compromising with studies and procrastination for study Is wrong as you have a whole life ahead of you for earning money but education going to get you is basic and time.


After all, when you become well-educated this knowledge ultimately going to help you in your profession.

So try to complete your study work as it possible.






1] How to get quick capital?
Ans: earning capital is not easy you have to do hard work for that.

2] How to earn capital from Google?
Ans: The above examples are all related to Google which will help you to earn capital.

3] Which is the No. 1 money-earning app?
Ans: as far as our suggestion google is best and all Google products are best.

4] Which game is best to earn capital?
Ans: there are many apps but make sure you check them properly.

5] How to make capital in a week?
Ans: there is no shortcut to making capital you have to put in all your hard work to earn money.


as we see in the above paragraph there are various ways to earn capital while studying but every method requires patience and hard work. Everything in the world can be achievable with patience and hard work if you have that level of hard work potential then you will get success in any field.

As per our suggestion, you can find ways and try to earn but make sure that you will not compromise with your study.

In the end, the knowledge you gain while studying going to play an important role in your future and also in earning so keep it in mind. We hope that you get a good amount of information related to all your queries.

If you are still confused then post a comment in the comment section will try to give you a solution if you like this post then make sure you like it. thanks for visiting our page.

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