How do I earn money by Instagram reels 2023




nowadays Instagram is one of the most famous apps in the world. according to a survey of digital media young generation use Instagram for 5-6 hour daily.

As every field has a positive and negative side Instagram also plays both roles.

if you use Instagram for entertainment purposes then it is good but if you are addicted to it then it becomes harmful for you.

due to more number of people using it, many advertisement companies are there to promote their business which leads to creating opportunities for the common man to earn money.

In this article, we are going to explain all methods of earning money from Instagram reels.



what is an Instagram reel

if you don’t know about Instagram reels then don’t worry we will explain it.

The Instagram reel is nothing but a short format video. video length depends on the video maker.

this type of video is in a specific sequence where you just have to scroll your finger upward for a new video and downward for a previous video.


Instagram reels are inspired by the famous app TikTok which created almost a boom in the market but due to the ban on TikTok in many Asian countries, it led to creating downfall for TikTok.


After TikTok was banned with the same strategy, Instagram came up with Instagram come up with YouTube. 

there is little difference between a YouTube short and an Instagram reel.


YouTube short vs Instagram reels

both video formats work on the same approach as short with a video scrolling system.

but the main difference between these is that you can watch YouTube shorts in low quality but at present time there is no such feature of quality in the Instagram reel which leads to finishing user data very quickly.

when it comes to time for uploading a video Instagram takes so much time compared to YouTube.

Although both platforms are best for entertainment purposes YouTube is more inclined toward information videos which give you knowledge and people use videos to express their knowledge.

In the case of Instagram people more focus on Instagram by doing some dance, art magic, etc.





how to earn money from reel

as for earning money in social media, you have a good amount of followers or subscribers.

if you don’t have a good amount of followers then you can’t earn money because followers show your potential and how many people can visit your site or video. after all advertiser


also first observe a follower of a particular user and then allow that user for an advertisement.

so the first and most important rule is you should focus on your content and try to gain more followers. once you gain followers 50 % work is completed with this step.

To gain more followers just try to upload different things from others. and try to be consistence, many people on Instagram get overnight recognition due to one viral video but if you see their profile then you will find that they upload different videos with consistency after they achieve success.

Instagram or maybe every platform checks the consistency and video type of the user if they pass their criteria then Instagram ranks your video instantly



reel type

while making a reel you should choose the type or category of reel that will suit you. there are many categories, we mention the top categories in the below section

comedy video

comedy videos are most trending and such topics have no limit.

most people open Instagram for entertainment purposes. the main advantage of a comedy reel is you don’t have to do research you can create it on your own.

you can do mimicry, funny dances, funny acting anything but make sure that you make only such videos that will be good from any angle.

informational video

informational video this topic also has a lots of amount of fanbase. you can make a reel on facts or short information about current news.

this type of video sometimes gets an unimaginable number of views due to its updated information which goes viral.

and informational videos never get old as everyone hugely for grabbing updated news.


animated video

the animated video is also tops in reel format as many people don’t want to show their faces or hesitate to perform on social media then animation reel can be the best option for such people.

though animated video takes so much time in reel you just have to create a video for a few seconds so it will be easy for you


after creating a reel

once you get a good number of videos and followers you get ready to learn more.

mission your information like email address, and mobile number in the bio of your profile so whenever someone wants to collaborate with you they will contact you.

many platforms help you to find companies or people who want to promote their product or service you can contact them.

comment section is a major point where you can pin your post with contact information.

As far as our information if you have a good amount of followers then you don’t have to do anything people will contact you for collaboration. so we suggest that you try to focus on your content only.




1] How much does Insta pay for 1,000 views?
Ans: install does not pay you, it’s the advertisement company who pays you.

2] Which reels get monetized?
Ans: every authenticated reel gets monetized.

3] Does Insta pay for followers?
Ans: Instagram doesn’t pay you but advertisers can pay you for followers.

4] Does Insta pay you for likes?
Ans: for advertisers likes matter so if you get a good amount of likes then the advertiser can pay you for likes on posts.

5] Who is the highest paid on Instagram in the world?
Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid on Instagram in the world.



there are many online apps like insta present online which you can use to earn money. you don’t need to take suggestions from others to earn money many times due to testing various methods leading to finding new ways of earning money.

All the methods mentioned above will help you many people are earning from Instagram using such methods. at the weather is Insta or YouTube you need hard work and consistency.

hope this article will help you to earn some amount of money. if you like this page then make sure you will share it with your friends.

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