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online fraud lawyer
online fraud lawyer



In today’s generation of mobile and internet online scams increasing rapidly. Daily we see in the news that many common persons fall into the trap of online fraud and lose lots of money.

In this article, we are going to discuss about online fraud. you don’t need to worry about online fraud we will give you brief knowledge about online fraud, how to protect yourself from online fraud, and many more.



Type of online frauds

As per cases happening in social media, all scammer intends to grab the money as much as possible. Scammers use various methods to fool people on social media.

Daily new – new techniques and methods used by scammers. Below we mention major methods that are generally common everywhere.


Email fraud

Email scam Is the most popular and active method of social media scam. In email scamming scammers send you emails. In email, they offer you some job or price and ask you to click on the link.

Mostly scammers target the young generation which are in search of job. 

when someone clicks on the link and fulfills all the information that they ask. then by using that information they unlock passwords and steal money some important documents, etc.



Video app fraud

this method is new in social media. Nowadays everyone is attracted to photos and videos and for that everyone wants filter apps to put on the video.

In the market, several video cameras provide filters. But some apps take permission from you to access all images and videos on your mobile. Once they get access they can use your data anywhere for illegal purposes also.



WhatsApp fraud

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the market everyone uses WhatsApp for chatting and wishing. Many times fraud people send you messages of wishes where you add your name then your name is reflected in the wishing script.

This method is used mainly during the festival season. Without knowing its source many group members forward it to groups and that makes it easy for scammers to grab information about people and use it in illegal work.



By message or call

Through message or call many people lost not only money but many other precious things.

A survey on social media says calling is the softest way to make someone fall into a trap Whenever you visit some site they ask you for information and when you add your information with your mobile number scammers use that information and call on your mobile.

Scammers are very clever in that they call you through girls they all are professionally speaking they will talk like they are speaking the truth.

They will ask you for your information they provide you gift and then by using your mobile information they will steal your money from your bank account.



Tips to protect yourself from social media fraud

Don’t install unnecessary apps even if they are free give some extra features and make sure it’s verified by Play Store. Don’t visit any site through the link on the random group and if you visit accidentally then make sure you will not fill in any information about yourself.

You can fill in information only on authenticated sites. Don’t give any private information to random calls who offer you a large amount of gifts. If possible then you can complain about such numbers which repetitively call you.


anyhow if you fall into the trap of social media then first discuss it with an experienced person who knows that field. a person with knowledge of law and petition is always best for you in such matters. An experienced attorney will be the best for you.


Lawyer help in social media fraud

Sometimes social media scams become very complex. many times scammers steal your private video or images and start blackmailing you.

start threatening that if you don’t fulfill their demand then they will upload all your private videos, and images on social media.

In such case, you should discuss it with an experienced Lawyer. Lawyers are very clever and they have knowledge about such scammers they very well know how to handle such scammers.


The Lawyer will first discuss your account and will give you the advice to change your social media account password and make it strong by 2-time verification.

Then attorney will try to delete all unnecessary accounts of yours that you created on multiple sites.


An lawyer will suggest you delete all unnecessary apps that you install without allowing a protection system Many times app scammers get to know what we are searching for and all the activity of our phones as scammers can run our mobile from their devices also an example – if you see online video tutorial where everyone can handle their presentation on another screen.


An Lawyer will suggest you stay calm and for a few days don’t pick random calls. An attorney will discuss the people’s demands and try to find out that location with the help of the police and IT cell.

Lawyers have deep knowledge of machine learning and fraud cases they know at what level scammers go.

With the help of an attorney half of the problem gets solved easily because he will give you the best solution with experience.


benefits of discussing with lawyer

with top-level experience in previous cases attorney gives the best suggestion according to complexities. Lawyers are masters in legal procedure so all work is done legally without any interruption.

in-depth knowledge about a particular field helps them to handle any bad situations. Lawyers have many contacts in all fields which make any procedure easy.




1] How to get money from online scam?

Ans: file complaint in police and try to discuss with your lawyer.

2] How big is the online scam industry?

Ans: according to survey more than 40 billion dollar losses in online scam.

3] Who is the target of online scam?

Ans: mostly teenagers.




Many people are aware that such fraud still scams are happening in society. so when you feel that someone is sending you unnecessary mail or calling you about such a gift where you even didn’t participate then you should discuss it with your friends and family and make a strong decision on it. safety and security of our private information is our priority.

If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends so also get aware of social media frauds. for more informational topics you can read our another blog also. thank you.





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