How to earn extra money with full time job 2023



Money is everything nowadays as the world is changing very fast with increasing competition in every sector leading to pressure on the income of the common man.

Many people didn’t fulfill their dreams with their job money.

Due to this problem, every common man is always in search of ways to earn money while doing their job. Many people earn money while doing their jobs.

We discuss with such people and come up with the solutions which will help you to earn extra money while doing the job.



ways to earn extra money



Upwork is nothing but a freelancing site that provides a platform for people who have the skill and can help others to solve their problems with return skills they get money from those people.

If you are doing a job in the company then it confirms that you have some skills lets example if you are working as an analyst then you have skills in data handling. you just have to go on the freelancing platform sign up and fill in all the information and skills.

Upwork will find people who have a problem related to data analysis and notify you then you just have to solve their problem in return you will get paid.

The main important thing about this is once you become prominent on a freelance site you get good reviews then you don’t need to wait for work you will get work easily.

And about timing, you can work whenever you have free time. All the work process depends on a laptop so you can do it from anywhere with your work side by side.



Video Platform

As we mentioned about your skill in the above paragraph. you can make a video on whichever topic you are interested in or else you can make a video on work which you did in your office.

Many people are software engineers, they teach many other people by making videos and earning money.

Vlogging is also the best option for you if you are not interested in teaching or making informational videos.

A vlogging video is an entertainment video where you just need to talk about your daily routine and beneficial thing is that you get lots of views on a vlogging video and more views mean more money.

Though there are many video platforms YouTube is best for earning by posting videos.




Yes, many people might be shocked by seeing the riding option because in society people see training as a risky option. Every work is risky if you are doing it with half knowledge.

if you do it trading with a small amount then you can learn and earn from trading.

many people earn money by trading or investing in penny stock as it’s very cheap. In trading, one thing you should keep in mind is that if you get a big profit that does not mean that next time you will put all your money.

trading it’s a full game of patience so keep patience and learn trading in your free time once you get good knowledge about trading you become ready to do trading.

the best thing about trading is you can do it on your phone so you can do trading from home to the office anywhere.




social media

yes, social media is also the best option to earn money. various options in social media lead to ways for you to earn money.

nowadays there is a boom in memes so you can make extra income by making simple memes in your free time.

also if you post some videos or posts like motivational, or comedy and make a strong follower base then you can earn money by posting various ads on your account.

you can work on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, face-book, WhatsApp, and many more such apps are there but make sure you first verify that it is verified by the play store and has at least 10 million downloads. 





A full-time job or part-time job is best for extra money

Whether it full a full-time job or a part-time job every job has its advantages and disadvantages.

If we have a full-time job then it demands lots of time in our whole day as compared to a part-time job.

According to a survey, many people are not happy with a full-time job but they are doing full-time jobs only because of money. Yes, a full-time job gives you more money than a part-time job.

Also in today’s situation of a recession, no one guarantees when they will get fired from their company so people always prefer to choose a secure and prominent job so they will be protected from recession situations.

And point in this that most prominent and secure company put option of full-time job only.

you can choose full-time and part-time jobs as per your comfort zone.





1] Can I earn money by watching ads?

Ans: yes you can make extra income by watching ads.

2] Who pays Google money?

Ans: Adsence pays money for people.

3] Does YouTube pay monthly?

Ans: yes if you are working on a YouTube video then YouTube will pay you monthly.

4] what if I compromise with a job to earn extra income?

Ans: no you shouldn’t compromise your job if you are fully dependent on it if you do then you might face some problems,

5] how much maximum extra money I can earn?

Ans: there is no limit to earning money you can earn lots of money if you follow the right strategy with hard work.




Many such examples show that no matter how difficult the conditions some people achieve their goals by their determination and hard work.

So whether it’s earning money while working in a full-time job or as a student if you are determinant toward your goal then you will get what you want.

Though you will face some difficulty while chasing your goal in the end that difficulty will ultimately make you stronger to face any difficulty.

Hope your all doubts about how to earn money while doing a full-time job get solved. If you still facing some difficulty related to this question then kindly put your queries in the comment section we will try to solve your problem within a week.

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