How to go viral on social media in 2023?


social media
social media



Nowadays  Everything is changing with social media if someone wants to viral or become a sensation then it needs one video or image that can attract society’s attention.

Many people get overnight success because of one viral video or meme and due to such attention toward them many people in society are always in search of ways that they also get attention from society and how they get revenge.

so in this article after researching we come up with some ideas which can help you to get viral on social media


There are various ways that you use to go viral



In the list of ways to get viral video is the main tool you can use to get viral.

Many people get overnight attention because of their funny and comedy videos.

You can make some funny video that is not normal and has the potential to grab the attention of society.

If the majority of people feel that it is a very rare video and are eager to share it with their family, and friends then it can help to go viral.



memes are the best way to go viral. Memes are the most vied and shared thing which relaxes people by spreading smiles.

You can create your meme and share it on social media but make sure you create authenticated memes in a good way that everyone can enjoy them.

Sometimes media or memers catch some clips or capture some images from interviews or any random video which makes them meme material so it luck factor.

Sometimes people get viral due to their weird behavior in videos and they don’t even realize that someone makes a mem on that and it becomes viral.



Image of writing, singing

Clicking photos is also a new habit of everyone, almost every person likes selfies in group photos sometimes such photos are captured by people who are very different from normal people which grabs the attention of people.

So If you capture your photo then try to share it on your various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram if you have a luck factor then you can get viral through that image.

Writing and singing depend on the talented person many people have a good voice but due to lacking a platform they never work on their skills so If you have such skills singing or dancing or any skill which you are good at then you can make your video, album and publish it on social media.

Though skill requires talent sometimes people don’t have talent and they try to sing or dance which makes them funnier which leads to making people entertained and grabbing the attention of a thousand people.



Latest technology

Whenever something new comes into the market it grabs the attention of people like him in today’s world of innovation every day some new technology comes into the market so you can use such technology to make you viral.

If you work on the latest technology and invest your time and hard work then you can get overnight success.

Many graphic designers work hard on AI graphic design as soon as it comes into the market make some extraordinary viral images and achieve overnight success.



social media
social media


Why overnight success is not too successful in social media?


If we take the example of any big object or person then, we see that every big person invest their whole life to make themselves successful Whether it is Elon Musk in technology or Albert Einstein in science.

there are many monument and statue that also take so much time but after its completion rest is history like the process of making Eiffel tower is not easy it takes so many years which make it very successful.

And there are such examples that gain popularity overnight which leads to making them unsuccessful in the end.

When someone goes viral it gets lots of unexpected attention and that attention is because in today’s world people are eager to see new topics that will entertain them but as they lose interest in that it becomes as it is.

Many TikTokkers became famous overnight due to their one video it looked like they would get a film, but after a few duration, people lost interest in them.

In such cases, if we take the example of a celebrity like Tom Cruse, RDJ then we see that even if they give a flop film people are for their next film because they work hard they invest their time to make them such successful as people will trust on them.

So in the end in simple words, overnight success can’t give you authenticated recognition from society.




1] Should I post a selfie?

Ans: yes you can post it but make sure that it’s in a good way.

2] What is the easiest social media to go viral on?

Ans: Tik-Tok, Instagram are the once.

3] Which social media girls use the most?

Ans: Instagram is the app most used by girls.

4] What is next after Instagram?

Ans: YouTube is next to Instagram.

5] What is the best time to post on social media?

Ans: 9 to 12 is the best time to post on social media.


as in the above paragraph, we have seen how you can get viral but in the end, even if you get viral a night sill you ill going to face many problems.

Thousands of examples show that people who get fame in a night accidentally are unsuccessful after some time because overnight success is a very short time to enjoy.

So our suggestion to you is to work on your passion and if you get viral due to your passion then it will long be a success for you. Hope all your doubts related to ways to viral get clear.

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