How do I improve my laptop’s performance? 2023




in the current situation, there will be no one who doesn’t know about the lappy. everyone uses a lappy whether it’s for gaming or office work. many time after continuous work on a laptop, it loses its performance.

though you need to show this problem to Lappy mechanics some ways can work many times to increase the performance of your laptop which can save you money.

Maybe some methods will not work on a particular lappy as every laptop has its features.

here are some things you can do to increase your lappy performance.



what thing you should do?


Unnecessary files
Unnecessary folders and files are the main reasons for impacting the performance of the laptop.

Unwanted storage increase the burden on other function of the lappy so first find all unwanted files in, the folder and delete them.

Also, try to delete it from the recycle bin. You don’t need to download third-party software for this work you can simply use your file manager and from there you can delete all unwanted files by differentiating them.

Might it take more time as compared to software but it will help you to delete files that you feel are useless.


Uninstall app
Your laptop is not a supercomputer where you install small- small apps for every little work.

Some people install the app for the conversion of PDF to Word,  test editing image cropping, etc.

If you go on Google almost 95% work get done online only downloading apps for such reason are waste of storage.


use cleaner

there are many Google software which help to remove wastage. it’s hard to recognize every waste file so you can simply use cleaner. you can use such software once a week.

there are many paid software also but you don’t need to buy them free google software will be enough for you.


change internal part’

Sometimes disturbance in the internal part of the laptop leads to a decrease in the performance of your lappy, such as due to battery issues, The lappy does not work properly in such cases you need to change your battery.

for this, you need to do proper servicing of your lappy from time to time so you get to know about faults in your lappy part so you can change it on time and maintain your lappy performance.



what thing you shouldn’t do with your laptop?


Extra use
Don’t use your laptop for extra things it can badly impact your laptop performance. People use their lappy for mixing songs on big sounds on occasional days.

Also sometimes people use their lappy for big project work.

See almost 70 % of people use a normal lappy and those who use a costly lappy their lappy become average after a few months.

Normal lappy are unable to handle the pressure of high-volume sound boxes, projectors so stay away from your laptop from using them in higher-volume boxes.


Extra storage
In many lappys, storage is very low so people try to add extra storage (SSD) in a laptop from a lappy shop.

Adding extra sadness is not a bad thing but it does not work on every lappy sometimes it becomes a big issue that the laptop starts lagging.

So it is always better to buy a lappy with large storage or you can use memory, USB also for such a case.

But if you don’t want to decrease lappy performance then don’t add extra storage to the laptop.



Don’t add high graphics game

People buy lappy without understanding the proper features.

It’s very important to understand the actual work of the device before buying, many people think that every lappy can be used for all purposes but it’s not like this if you want to play high graphics games then there is a special gaming lappy for it.

But people neglect it and download high graphics file on their lappy which makes the laptop very slow and also create some unnecessary viruses.



don’t use corrupt external chips
be careful while using USB and memory in your lappy. Sometimes people use another memory card, USB which is corrupt. using such chips can lead to creating viruses in laptops.

also, don’t store too many videos and big-size files in storage.







can I open my laptop’s internal part by watching a YouTube video?

no, unless and until you don’t have proper knowledge about laptops it can be dangerous for you.

All works performed by People on YouTube are professional so they know how to handle all situations in case something happens with the Laptop.

but if you think that just watching YouTube videos will also solve your lappy problem then you are wrong.

many people do this and face many big problems sometimes they lose their complete lappy due to a mistake by them.

The laptop’s internal part is fully loaded with circuits and wires which can change fires due to your small mistake so it is better to show your lappy to a professional though it will take some money you will be safe, and your laptop also.





1) is buying a lappy online safe
Ans: if you don’t have much knowledge about lappy and their features then try to purchase them from a shop near you as they will explain to you all the features in front of you.

2) it is necessary to buy a lappy with a high-performance graphics card?
Ans: it depends on for what purpose you are using your lappy if you are using it for graphics design purposes then you should buy a lappy with a graphics card.

3) is third-party virus detection software worth it for virus elimination?
Ans: yes third-party software can help you to eliminate viruses from your software but be careful in terms of the company of software.

4) What is the best lappy computer memory for students?

Ans: A lappy with 8 GB RAM will be enough for memory space.

5) is buying a second-hand lappy worth it or not?
Ans: in short it depends on the condition of the lappy if the laptop’s condition is way better than the average laptop then you can buy it in any condition.




when it comes to the performance of a lappy or any electronic device it’s sure that after some time of use, that device loses its performance as it is in the initial stage.

so don’t worry if your laptop’s performance is a little bit slow compared to the new laptop. if your lappy is very slow then you need to think about it.

various methods mentioned in the above paragraph will help you to make your lappy performance better but it will not work 10 percent as no device in the world can become as it is something loophole will remain always, so you must choose the best laptop while purchasing without compromising with a price.

hope this article will help you if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friend circle. thanks for visiting our page.


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