Will Instagram go out of fashion in future, just like Facebook? 2023



No, Instagram will not go out of fashion at least for the next 30 years. social media is the biggest addition to this generation. every people from young students to old people everyone uses Instagram case like social media.

if we see that before 5 years ago there were more people active on Facebook than on Insta but nowadays Instagram is ruling the world with its great service.

due to this scenario many people have doubts that will also face the same issue that Facebook is facing. after searching and discussing with a professional IT student we come up with the proper answer to your question. 



Factor will Stay Instagram in market for long period


Some factors will put Instagram in the market for a long period. factors mentioned in the below paragraph followed by other platforms but due to weak implementation of process platform didn’t do as well as Instagram. 



for a successful business or any work, there is a need for strong leadership. many businesses in the world become much more successful than their potential due to great leadership.

In case of Instagram, it has very strong leadership. the owner of Instagram is Mark Zuckerberg who is very smart and hardworking.

every step taken by Mark Zuckerberg is incredible whether in publicity of platform or customer interaction.




if user gets easily engaged with any app then it makes them stay in the market for a long period. engagement of users with Instagram is very excellent.

almost more than 70 percent of people give good reviews about Insta also more than 3 billion active users per month on Instagram shows that people have great engagement t with Instagram 



Update feature

updation of the platform is very important to always attract users toward the platform. in addition, Instagram is excellent. they always come with updated features that make users use Instagram with interest.

in latest when everyone gets attracted to short video platforms like TikTok due to the boom toward short video platforms Instagram came up with the short reel.

in current situations, reels are the most watched short videos nowadays.

also, Instagram always tries to give the best user experience by changing its layout and other features that bind people to Instagram. 



easy to use

every popular and most developed platform in the world is easy to use. due to the easy accessibility of the platform, several customers are attracted to it.

Instagram is very easy to use. every feature on Insta is very simple and easy to understand.

if we compare a platform like Facebook with Insta then we find that there are many more complexities in Facebook than Instagram.

Whether it’s looking for new friends or uploading stories Instagram is very simple. many users gave reviews that when they first opened Facebook hey needed to get help from others to understand its feature but when some users opened Instagram they easily learned the Insta feature itself only.

sue to easy access we can say that it will help them to stay in the market for a long period.



Why Social Media Platforms Affect Everyone


the main reason for the attraction of people toward social media is pleasure.

every person in the world always tries to do something that will give him pleasure. pleasure can be anything like the happiness of salary at the end of the month or a good exam mark.

but if you see this example very patient testing that need so much hard work but in the case of social user get pleasure within seconds.

also, there is unlimited kind of videos and memes in a different format.

if a user doesn’t like some post then the user can change it instantly also social media is the best way to take out all the frustration of the user which also make peoples interact with them on social media.

The last reason is another life yes people are always interested in other people’s matters and social media is a platform that gives you all updates related to other lives, and relationships.




Advantages vs disadvantages of social media



the main advantage of social media is that it connects every person in the world under one platform.

through social media, people can share their experiences and emotions easily without hesitation. social media gives a platform to all people who want to show their skills.

also, social media plays a very important role in releasing the frustration of people through various videos and memes. many times due to social media people get to know about the reality of some evil activity raising some issues is also easy due to social media



 just like a coin social media also has side advantages and disadvantages.

There are many disadvantages due to social media many people lose their concentration which leads them to face failure in exams.

also, social media is the main reason for disturbances due to inappropriate comment sections and videos. social media also creates many health-related issues whether it’s an eye problem neck problem or back problem due to using it consistently.









1] Did Instagram exist 10 years ago?

Ans: yes, the Instagram app was launched in 2010.

2] Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer in the world?

Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid Instagrammer in the world.

3] Should I start YouTube or Insta?

Ans: you can start both as Youtube and Insta have their own feature.

4] What is the most powerful social media platform?

Ans: as per users Facebook is the most powerful app in the world with 3.3 billion monthly active users.

5] What is the fastest-growing social media platform?

Ans: Tik-Tok is the fastest-growing social media platform.




It’s human nature that humans get bored with the same thing continuously and are always attracted toward updated and latest things.

there are many such examples in the world that show that if some product gets updated with human needs then it survives for a long period but in case if it remains as it is then it leads to making that product out of date.

In the end hard work matters. hope this article will help to clear your doubt. thanks for visiting our page.



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