Is it possible to make a film by yourself?





nowadays film industry is the biggest industry money-wise. also, due to people’s obsession with film video and the availability of lots of equipment, many people are trying to make short movies on their own but they are facing many problems.

if you are one of those then don’t worry you will get everything in this article.



step to make your film video


1] Though nowadays video making is not costly there is a need for some money for professional video making.

so first you calculate your budget for film making hen list down all the imporatent things which you need for it.

if you lack the amount which you need then you can wait a few times.

you need patience for such a process because once you upload your film video it will be forever on the platform you will not get a chance to change it so it’s better to wait for the opportunity rather than have the process and disturb it.


2] the main and first thing you need for video making is a camera. don’t need to worry because your mobile camera is enough for shooting you don’t need a professional camera for this.

if you choose Photoshop like Apple then it will make it easy to shoot quality video. and if you have mobile gambles then it will add some extra benefit for your video due to its flexibility.


3] after getting the necessary equipment you can start writing your script as we are considering it your first film so you don’t need to think so much just try to write something that you feel best.

we know that you will face some problems but this problem will go to make you professional in video making. make sure you mention all points series-wise with their name and locations also. 



4] after making the script just start video shooting and after shooting don’t forget to save it in the serial number as it will help you to edit clips.

you can try to use as green screen as possible which will save you a lot of money in different locations.  Try to use multiple mobiles for different views and directions.



5] if you know about editing then it’s ok otherwise hire an editor. In every rural area, many boys edit videos at very cheap prices it will help you to make your video have a professional layout.

there are many software for editing you can use which are almost free and also used for professional filmmaking. you can do it from your laptop also as there are many videos related to editing available on YouTube for free.



6] after completing the video editing show your project to some experts so they will give you some best suggestions related to your world and if they tell you some corrections they do it properly which will put your video in the proper direction.

That’s it after that your film video is ready for publishing. there are many options to earn money from your video file as we mention this process in the below paragraph.



how I can earn money from my film video

see once you make a film video then there is no way for you to earn money. One of the main sources is YouTube, yes YouTube is the platform that can give you big returns in terms of money.

if your film video is simple then just upload it on YouTube if you have strong and attractive content then you will get lots of views which will turn into lots of money.

you can also join some of the advertising collaborations. Another way is an online digital platform.

if your film video is excellent content then you can approach your video to the digital platform also.

many digital platforms accept your film video if they like it. digital platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and MX-player offer a good amount of money for film videos. 








how to be safe from copyrighted content

it’s very important to be careful while making film video content because many times you have to use some clips from other videos.

like if you have to shoot outside or in a foreign then due to lack of budget might you have to use another video from a foreign location then in case you need permission from that video owner.

if someone denies giving permission then please don’t use their video or images by editing it can lead you to face many problems.

after getting permission from the video or image owner don’t forget to mention their name and information in the description of your video which will clear all your side.





1] is there a copyright issue in movie making?

Ans: yes there is a copyrighted policy, if you use other content in your video without their permission then the owner can complain against you for copyright.

2] it is necessary to take professional actors and actresses in film video making?

Ans: no it’s not necessary to take professional actors and actresses in your film video you can take normal people also and if you direct them well then they can give you the best result.

3] why people are so obsessed with videos?

Ans: video is the biggest source of entertainment which makes obsession of people toward film videos.

4] can I sell my film videos?

Ans: yes, obviously you can sell your movie videos to the online platform and if you have the best stories then you can get a big amount for your video also.

5] best length for film videos?

Ans: The best and normal length of film video is about 2 to two and a half hours length.




see at the end film making or any other process related to shooting takes a lot of hard work and patience.

if you are consistent and do hard work toward your passion then according to nowadays it’s very easy to achieve the success that you want.

many younger people are making such videos without any external help and earning lots of money so you can also earn it. hope all your queries related to filmmaking get clear.

if you still have some doubts about the film then don’t hesitate to put a comment in the comment section we will try to solve all your doubts within a week. thanks for visiting our page.




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