Is it okay if my laptop is always plugged in so that my battery is charged 100%? 2023



With respective latest situation, there is no such problem if your lappy is always plugged in as the laptop is made on such a system that it will work like a computer.

the computer works only if it is plugged in like this lappy also works but due to its separate battery system, lappy can work without plugging in.

though there is much-advanced technology available still people face some problems related to battery charging. in this article, we try to explain all the problems and their solutions for lappy charging.



problem faced by people while using a laptop

though there is no problem in using a lappy continuously plugged in due to the availability of different quality laptops, it changed the scenario.

many laptop chargers get heated after continuously plugging also some of the laptop’s inner cooling fans get a heater at a high temperature which leads to a scared user. 

many times users face that using the lappy continuously plugging in leads o make lagging laptop while working. sometimes laptop gets uncontrolled and starts shutting down after a particular time.

sometimes increasing the temperature of the laptop charger can affect the laptop wire also it badly affects on lappy keyboard.

if you have a lappy then might you face such a problem that some tabs of your laptop got sucked while using them.


what you should do

many time battery is damaged due to various reason so the user can use the lappy only when it is plugged in it’s very important to be careful when such a situation happen.

Always shut your laptop off after work. also don’t try to use another adopter or charger for your lappy.

when your charger is damaged then try to buy the same company charger that will be suitable for your Lappy don’t buy a local company charger it can badly impact your Lappy’s internal system.

always cover your lappy with paper or with some plastic bags it’s very important because most of the problem arises due to disturbance in the internal system of the lappy and this happens due to dust and small particle that stick to a small machine, or circuit of the laptop.

if some problem occurs with the lappy charge then don’t use second-hand chargers many people use second-hand chargers and they create more problems for their lappy. 


should I change the laptop battery after expires

yes, you can change your battery if your battery expires or does not work but be careful because if you have an original company brand lappy then it takes so much time to take the battery off that company.

many times people purchase a battery from their party company which makes their laptop more useless.

so if you face such a problem direct contact o the company service they will provide you exact battery. and in case you don’t have money then no problem you can use your lappy by plugging in but the only problem is is you can’t use your laptop outside as it will require power continuously.

your nearby lappy shop will be best for solving your problem don’t try to open the lappy part by watching a YouTube video, opening a lappy without proper knowledge can lead to harmful incidents. 

is it okay to compromise with the laptop price

if you are satisfied with the laptop’s performance and its features and then only buy a lappy?

compromising with price and buying some random lappy will create many problems for you.

our suggestion to you is that if you want to buy a lappy then buy a quality laptop there is no sense in buying a cheap lappy and then wasting money on it for its repair.







why do top brands have high-priced laptops

if we see that 10 to 20 years ago brand name of the product did not that much matter when purchasing a product as compared to the current situation?

in the current situation from the common man to the rich everyone at least once discusses the brand of purchasing product.

brand in simple words we can say a company that is very big by its revenue, publicity, and trust of people.

Whether it’s a lappy company brand or any mobile company brand every brand sells their top product at a high price.

the reason for the big amount is is excellent features available in it.

if we take the example of the Apple company brand then we see that there is a lot of difference between Apple Lappy and another company Lappy in terms of price.

many people also argue about the huge price of Apple lappy but they don’t want to know the features of the lappy which make it expensive.

apple laptops are very fluent in performance, waterproof, long live battery life, hd screen, and many such features they provide which increase the overall cost of a laptop.

brand company work on the motive to build the trust of people so people will purchase their decisions without any hesitation at any time due to this they always try to spend lots of to creating unique and excellent device.




1] Which laptop brand has the best battery life?

Ans: The Apple laptop brand has the best battery life.

2] Which generation of Lappy is best?

Ans: The 12th generation which is the latest generation is the best lappy generation.

3] What features to look for when buying a lappy?

Ans: if you are looking for the top brand of Lappy  then you don’t need to worry about features.

4]Which processor is best Ryzen or Intel?

Ans: Intel is the best processor.

5] What is a good processor speed for a lappy?

Ans: The above 3.50 GHZ processor speed is good for a lappy.




see no matter how much technology gets advanced unless and until the user doesn’t learn to handle it in a proper way they will face problems with electronic device.

it’s better to choose the best lappy without compromising with the process than facing problems later buying a laptop.

also, try to buy a laptop from the nearby shop so you will always have a support system if you face some problem.

we hope that your queries related to lappy charging get solved if you still think that your problem is not solved then kindly put your comment in the comment section we will try to solve your problem within a week.

thanks for visiting our page if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 



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