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usa law




obsession for the law is not new in usa the nineties also there was an obsession for attorneys and in the twenties obsession with lawyers but in the current situation obsession for lawyers has increased extensively.

Young students passionately hard work to get admission to a prestigious law college.

In the usa craze for law is on another level as the most expensive attorneys are also found in America. in this article, we try to explain why so much of this obsession toward attorney.

also, this type of obsession toward law is good or not for younger.


factors which leads to an increased obsession with the law

there is various factor that leads to making high obsession toward a law firm. we take some major factors that make a big impact on the young generation to attract law firms.


high earning

as every human first sees job salary, an amount which gets from that job because in the end only money matters.

In the law form profession high chances to earn money within a short period.

many lawyers take expensive amounts per hour. high earning is the biggest factor that leads to attracting younger toward law firm.




prestige and respect is the more valuable thing than money. lawyer is such a profession where you get lots of respect.

if we see the world lawyers are much more respected people whether it’s any function or some celebration attorneys take place in top-level many time some attorney makes their impact in social life only because of the law firm.



side business

Many people dream of having a side business along with their passion but due to lack of time or restrictions they can’t make their dream come true.

in corporate jobs, companies make bonds with employees that if they find doing some extra side business in their job time then they may lose their job.

in a government job, you can’t do trading and many more. law firm profession is a free profession where you can do business with your profession.

there are already many rich people in the USA who are lawyers by profession but they do side also and earn money.



low Competition

though saying low competition in law firms is not right if you see that top-rated attorney list then you will find there are only a few people in top top-rated list.

because to become an expert in a law firm you have to do very hard work and study.

it’s not easy to do that level of hard work and due to this many people leave studying.

this is also one reason that if someone has the capability of doing nonstop hard work then he can make a place in top top-rated attorney list.

once you reach the expert level you can’t even imagine the hourly rate amount will provided to you.

you just have to do hard work full of dedication and passion.



law decoding

attorneys know law and petition attorneys can beat anyone when it comes to legal procedure and in any county, the law is above anyone.

so someone has to think twice before messing up with an attorney.

every person wants to become powerful in society to showcase power to a neighbor are people in society and an attorney is one of the professions that give you legal power.

but it does not mean that an attorney can do anything illegally with the help of legal procedure if someone is true and the attorney tries to make that person bent down then in the end attorney may have to ace some problem.

power is for doing help of others only.



is choosing a top law college necessary in usa?

yes, choosing the best law college is very very important for you if you want to land up in the best law firm.

though every college gives the same knowledge there is always a difference between a top-rated college and another.

if we take a simple example like engineer then everyone knows that a student who studied at top top-ranked engineering college grabs a high amount of job like this student from a top-rated law college make their brand value in the law firm profession.


also when it comes to hiring an attorney every client wants an attorney with the best performance and for that, they check the attorney’s history which includes college education then is important that attorneys are from a top-rated law college to make an impression in front of clients.


can I do side business with the law profession in usa

yes, you can do your business along with the attorney profession.

many people did law jobs along with some side business.

many people work as professional lawyers also they invest in the stock market, and make money from the intraday market.


but if you see attorneys who are earning so much money or attorneys who are very expensive they dedicatedly work on the attorney process and that is enough for them to earn a lot of money.

if someone is passionately working as a lawyer and increasing his performance then that attorney doesn’t need to earn money from side business because he can earn that money from his profession itself only.




Can I change my profession from the law?

yes, you can change your profession in usa but it takes lots of struggle because becoming a lawyer takes so much time and money and after that, if someone decides that he wants to change his profession then it takes so much guts.

it’s better to decide our profession based on how you are passionate about that profession.


profession choosing decisions are one of the life-changing decisions so make sure that you don’t take it lightly.

it’s not about the money because you can earn money anytime but the time you lose during this process can affect you badly. so keep trust in yourself and do that thing where you can work passionately.





1] Are lawyers in high demand in the usa?
Ans: yes absolutely lawyers are in high demand in the usa.

2] How many lawyers are there in the usa in 2023?
Ans: approximately 1.3 million lawyers in the usa.

3] Are lawyers respected in the usa?
Ans: according to a survey in the usa lawyers are most respectable at the top level.




if we compare lawyers with any other professional person in usa then there are big differences between them. this is because the attorney is such a profession where someone gets a high amount of money along with prestige and it is human nature that the most attractive thing that attracts human are always above the range of the common person.

it does not mean that if someone forcefully chooses the law profession no matter how much respect and amount get to an attorney at the end performance is the thing that decides how your career will go.

we hope that this article will help to clear all your doubts about the obsession of people toward the law. if you genuinely feel this article is helpful for you then make sure you like and subscribe to this page. thanks for visiting our page.



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