Naga tribe festival in India [Asia]

this is our first edition of the cultural post and in this post, we are going to talk about various cultural families, tribe, and their festivals. in this particular article, we will discuss about Naga festivals



naga tribe



The Tuluni festival of Nagaland is celebrated around India and the world. there are so many rooted scientific ideas in naga festivals which sometimes amaze new people. tuluni festival is the main and most celebrated. there are various tribes in the naga community but the Sumi tribe is one of the most influential tribes that celebrate the Tuluni festival. nagaland plays a very important role in India in the cultural and geographical scenarios. though almost all the northeast region states consist of tribal populations and that is why northern states gain special status. 


yimchungers tribe is also a very prominent tribe in Nagaland which is mostly famous for its folk dance and metemneo festival believed an auspicious festival for them. the festival is also believed to be the right occasion and start a new friendship with joy and happiness. 


Khammam tribe celebrates the Tsokum festival during harvesting season which takes place in October. 










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