Can the court system make online what should be necessary?

online court
online court
as the world changes with digitalization every scenario in the society changes in that flow. and when it comes to court it plays the most important role in society matter in the world.
court are mainly dependent upon law which rarely changes according to society’s needs but here is something that needs to change in court.
change in court like online court cases which everyone is still confused about it.
there is always positive and negative thing about everything this court also has both sides. to clear every problem of view e explain all solution of can court need online system.

Factor due to which we need an online court case


Increasing cases
In the current situation if we see court cases increasing day by day, especially after the pandemic it increased rapidly.

increasing court cases make lot of burden on the court also it lead to disturbance in people’s life because they wait for court result for a long period.

Also, many times people lose most of their wealth due to running cases. also in court many times some small cases are the same in such cases multiple cases can take on an online system platform which will save so much time to solve multiple cases at a time.

online court system can be a reason to decrease the burden on the court.



Expert people insufficiency

though judges in the court are very intelligent they don’t know everything if there is some case about a movie problem then obviously if we compare judges with the person who attaches to a movie that person will give the best suggestion to then judge.

there is no problem involving an expert in court but infrastructure is not in that quantity so if they start on the online platform it can happen very easily. especially sport judging can give the best and fastest result.



Unavailability of judges
The inability of judges is also a big problem in every country the schedule of judges is also very hectic so they need rest that’s why they get long vacation breaks after a few cases.

Such a situation leads to an increment in court cases.

Though many judges suggest that they can handle serious and important cases while on vacation due to the long distance they failed to do that.

if only stem is available in court then it will help judges to handle it online.



For poor people
Though the world is changing very fast with modern technology there is one thing that is common in society which is poverty. Whether it’s America or any Asian country there rich as well as poor people.

many people don’t file court cases due to lack of money though many times court cases are free for the poor it creates a problem due to long distances which take so much money for travelling.

also, many time cases run for long periods which take so much time and money. many people need to earn daily for food so in such cases this type of person can’t give his long period for court cases.

in such cases, if online court is available everywhere then it will make it easy for any common man in society to attend every case from anywhere.



Can AI replace judges in the future?

No AI will ever replace judges especially high court and supreme court judges.

though we can say that in the future AI may used for taking critical suggestions for small cases but is sure that AI not going to replace judges.

the main problem in the system is that it doesn’t have emotion and emotion is the main thing that needs to be considered in every law made by humans.

the human brain is way better and sharper than any technology in the world no matter how much it superfast and in the end every technology introduced by the human brain is why AI will not raise judges. 




online court
online court



Is there any problem with the online meeting

Yes, there is many big problem in online meeting also because of its latest technology especially getting attention after a pandemic disaster so there are many bugs in it.

As we saw in a pandemic when teacher takes online meeting many students only hack meeting which leads to disturbance.

It was a class meeting so some errors in the meeting didn’t have any implications but when it comes to handling court cases online it’s a very crucial meeting.

Court cases can affect many people’s lives with one decision, so there is a high chance of illegal activity like disturbing online meetings, changing screens, etc.

Because it’s a very new technology we cannot say that in all cases we can deal online.

If there are some normal-level court cases then we can use online court meetings.




1) What is the highest court in the United States?
Ans: The Supreme Court is the highest in the United States.

2) Do judges make good money?
Ans: yes judges also make good money whether is in America or any other country.

3) What is the most famous court case in US history?
Ans: Marbury v. Madison (1803) is the most famous case in US history.

4) why are some court cases televised?
Ans: to make court cases transparent sometimes some court cases are televised.

5) Why media is not allowed in court?
Ans: many cases need to be kept secret that’s why many times media is not allowed in court.




Until there are humans there will exist new problems and modernized problems need modern solutions. Change is necessary whether it is in technology or the behavior of society according to the world and environment.

the online court system can become a reason to change many people’s life so it’s a very difficult and serious decision that need to be taken properly time and rules.

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