What are the pros and cons of being a YouTuber? 2023





Nowadays social media become very helpful for people, as many people are earning lots of money by using YouTube, Instagram, and many other apps. but due to unpredictable volatility in the trend of social media social media profession has always been risky.

many people want to start their career as YouTubers but due to its risk factors, they always wanted to know the pros and cons of YouTubers.

we discuss with many YouTubers who have a very strong audience base and make professional videos.

also, we searched all the statistical reports of various YouTubers and after that, we came up with this article where you will get everything about the pros and cons of being a youtuber.



pros of being youtuber


Time benefits

weather it corporate job or a government job every employee’s problem is time management while doing the job but in the case of YouTubers, it’s not like that.

YouTubers can make a video any time there is no restriction on timing which leads to the biggest benefit for you.

also, there are excellent features that allow timers so that you can make more videos before posting time and make an advance schedule of such video timing.


big earning potential

main advantage of your is high earning potential. Sometimes trending of various topics can lead to taking videos on trending which can make big profits within a week.

also, many companies offer paid promotions for YouTubers which give a very big amount for a few minutes only which can be bigger than many corporate jobs’ yearly earnings.

also, the earning of YouTubers always continue meaning once you upload a video on YouTube it will present for an unlimited period which lead to continuous earnings from videos. 




as doing the job is not the passion of people except one percent people but doing something entertaining like painting, making a short film, art showing dance art it all entertaining activities that you need to upload on youtube to earn money.

this is also a big benefit of social media platforms which convert your passion into earning profession. this also leads to being consistent with you in your work.




cons as being youtuber


Not permanent

like job or other services YouTube’s profession is not permanent.

as youtube is an online social media platform no one can predict that hen some other new platform will come and YouTube will go out of date.

there are many such reasons also where due to country relations many social media platforms get banned completely like due to the TikTok ban in many Asian countries leading to the loss of the whole profession of tiktoker permanently.

so yes there is a risk of security on YouTube.


changing trend

there are many YouTubers on YouTube who are earning much less amount of money in the current situation than before 2018-2019.

this scenario happens due to rapid change in the trend of generation.

For example, in 2018 many people grabbed views on their videos by making videos on various app tricks but now everyone is aware of every app related to social media.

in the job you get paid every month with a particular amount though its no high range of amount but in a consistency.

YouTube, except for popular YouTubers, many youtube channel die every month due to fewer views which also lead to a loss of interest in making YouTube video.

the main thing about changing trends is nobody can predict upcoming tender that that people will like in an upcoming generation. so changing trend is also the biggest cons of YouTubers.



different earning pattern

in youtube, earnings depend on how many views you get.

though grabbing more views is also a very big obstacle grabbing views from specific locations is far bigger than any other obstacle.

in you no matter how many views you get in your channel if you don’t get views from top countries like America, Britain, Canada then you get very less CPC which lead to very less earning.

due to different earning patterns on youtube, it become risky for YouTube.







is youtube can reason for disturbance

yes, it’s not only YouTube but all social media apps are disturbing for everyone, especially teenagers.

When YouTube came initially it became very popular for informational video.

many people are using youtube to get and share knowledge around the world but nowadays informational videos turn more into entertainment videos.

and due to the reel video type, it becomes more difficult for people to focus on their work.

As per a survey in America, many students become addicted to youtube reels and many students get bad in their studies due to using youtube for long periods.





1] How much does YouTube pay per 1,000 views?

Ans: Generally it depends on the location form where you get views.

2] How much money for 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube?

Ans: money depend on views, not on subscriber, if you have a million subscriber but only a thousand views on uploading video then your earning will be very low.

3] How do I grow my YouTube channel?

Ans: there are various tips to grow a youtube channel however if you upload unique content then its enough to grow your YouTube channel.

4]Is it too late to start YouTube?

Ans: no, there is not time to start any good work you can start a YouTube channel anytime and can grow the channel.

5] What is a good age to get YouTube?

Ans: basically over than age of 13 is the best good age to get YouTube.





in the current scenario, not only YouTubers, there are pros and cons for every profession.

but when it comes to social media-related earnings risk factor gets bigger than ay other professional earnings.

though there is risk there is big profit also, so it’s very important to focus on our passion and hard work, in the end, no matter how many pros and cons are there if you give your 100 % then definitely you will get what you want.¬†

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