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student life
student life



Education is the thing that makes students rags to rich. there is no limit to education in every field with proper education everyone can achieve success.

but there is many problems that every student face. one of them is why society judges students based on percentage in mark sheets?. we are going to discuss about this problem explicitly in this article.

We analyzed many reports and discussed with many students about this and came up with all solutions which will try to solve this query



Why does society judge students on percentage?

Judging a person is a habit of everyone nowadays. In everyday life, we also judge people based on their worth, their clothes, or their language.

Like this in society also people judge students based on their makes or percentage.


First, we understand why this happens

Exams are conducted to find the potential of the student and separate the best to worst students.

As in society people always try to find the positive side, the profit side whether it is exam result or life result.

Let’s take an example at a function or party if some rich man comes then everyone tries to impress them or try to be close to them because they know that rich person has money which can make reason to benefit them.


This, in student life, if some student gets good marks then every institute tries to participate in that sudden into their institute because it will go to help tie academic career.

in such cases student with low marks get neglected as their mark are not going to help anyone in any case.


It is not only about student marks in every field of society there is a judging system for actors with more success ratio, lawyers with the most experience, and businessmen with more worth.



Why judging is not good?

Judging means making partiality, speaking inappropriately with someone like this.

such type of judging is not good because many time it disturbs the person who going for failure and it adds extra vintage to that failure and that person never try to do something extra to achieve the goal.

Mentality is also the main factor which involves in such types if some boy fails to score a good mark in an exam and such scenario if people encourage that boy and motivate him then he will again try to work hard and get a top score.


but if people make fun of him and try to demotivate him that it’s very difficult for him to score good marks then he will always feel that he can’t score good marks and thus he will never try to work hard.

Several examples defines that instant judging is very harmful and many time we miss such people who have the talent of doing something good.

A famous quote also on this is don’t judge a book by its cover.




student life
student life


How to ignore such people?

No matter how many articles and awareness are created related to such problems some people will always try to make scenarios which will disturb you and distract you from your goal.

so the first thing you can do is stay away from such people and try to be close to people who encourage you and any stage.

Some insults from society are also important if you take them in the right direction as they work to burn the desire inside you to do extraordinary things and achieve success.

So it’s very important to constantly focus on goals and constantly work hard.

It’s a reality that once someone achieves extraordinary success everyone tries to get close to you.



Why more freedom to men than women in society?

In today’s world, we can’t directly say that its complete partiality between men and women but yes there is more freedom for boys than girls there are lots of reason behind it which is necessary.

Though as with the modernizing of the world in many western countries families give freedom to both girl and boys equally but there are many Asian countries also which make partiality in freedom thing boys and girl.


From ancient history society has been a patriotic society where men go out of the house for work and women work inside the house and take care of children till now this system has existed in the world.

A girl are softer biologically than men which is also a big factor in security purposes.


Sometimes many incidents happen where snatchers steal expensive things from girls, especially at night and many such cases.

That’s why the family tries to avoid giving more freedom than a boy.

In this case, we are talking about freedom when it comes to going outside of the house other inside the house for parents both girls and boys are equal.



Why society is important

Society is very important in a person as every human being needs some good surroundings that make a person emotionally stable.

When we interact with people in society we not only discuss our problems but also find solutions to problems as there are many similarities in problems between people in society.

If you get good surroundings then it becomes very helpful to you in every stage of life especially when a person goes through failure society’s support is very necessary.

When a baby tries to go out of the house then it is a society that teaches how to behave.

Outside and inside the house. many times people did lots of good work only to get praise from society.

There are many such reasons which define why society is important in a person’s life.




1] Do toppers also get low marks?
Ans: yes topper also gets low marks.

2] Is 70 percent marks good?
Ans: yes above 70 percent is considered a top-class percentage.

3] Do marks decide our future?
Ans: no marks never decide your future always.

4] Do marks matter in real life?
Ans: no marks don’t matter in real life.

5] What is the secret of toppers?
Ans: dedication, hard work, and passion are the thing that every toppers have.




In human life, society plays an important role as sometimes people praise you those same people also try to defame you it common in society. As human nature is always trying to find a good thing about him only and when he hears some bitter thing about him then he gets disturbed.

It is very important to make yourself stable and try to focus on your hard work. It is enough to make success to follow you. Hope all your queries are solved here.

if you want such an article that will help you please put a comment in the comment section. Thank you for visiting our page.

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