How do I stop my data from finishing so fast? 2023


mobile data
mobile data


In today’s world of modernization, there is a boom of laptops, mobile, and tablets but all of these are useless without the internet. Internet is the thing which becomes previous day by day as it targeting almost half of the world.

So whenever it comes to the internet people have a problem that their data get vanish very quickly which lead to problem like watching online video, or playing online game.

If you are one of those who are facing data-related issues then don’t worry you are on the right track in this article we explain all possible ways that you save your data.



data problem and its solution

Auto update

Auto update is a common problem whether it is mobile or laptop. There is no fixed limit for the auto-update time it takes all your data. Also, the main problem is that it uses all your data within a minute.

In the case of laptops many times people didn’t get a chance to close their data updation which resulted in the loss of complete data.

Solution: in the case of the laptop when you are going to connect your hotspot then before that always make sure that your Windows update is disabled if it is enabled then make it disable.

One of the solutions for this is many SIM card companies provide a plan of unlimited data from morning 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

so you can utilize this plan for laptop updates. You just need to start updating in between those times of unlimited data so all your updations get complete. Similar process you can use it for mobile also.

Using big apps
Big apps mean there are many video platform that show videos in high quality which lead to using your 1 GB of data to show 20 to 50 videos. If we take an example Instagram is a very popular app amongst young people.

Instagram shows short videos called reels where there is no option of adjusting video quality due to these videos appearing in HD format which uses lots of data from users.

Uninstalling all video platforms is not a solution as in a stressful world everyone needs entertainment so you can use another platform like YouTube.

On YouTube you can watch a short video at 240p due to this even if you watch a short video for 1 hour you will lose only 500 MB.

Alert issued
Reels short video or overall social media platform is so addictive that they will never let you know when you lose so much time and data while watching videos so there is some alert system required that will notify you that you have reached on certain limit.

except for some mobile in every mobile, there is a notification system you just need to enable it.

mobile doesn’t have such a system so you can download third-party apps which will show the speed of your data and alert you when you cross half the limit of your data.

hotspot problem

in many mobile there is an option that enables hotspot automatically which also leads to the loss of your data if such an option is in your mobile then disable it.

also, keep a strong password for your hotspot and limit user hotspot users which will protect your hotspot from multiple users.

shut data

whenever you use some app and close your mobile make sure that you clear that app from the back because many times people use the app and without clearing it shut the mobile.

in such cases, those app continuously use your data in the back which also lead to losing your data very quickly.

How to handle sim card-related problems

See there are no fixed problems related to the SIM card.

There are many random problems related to the sim like network issues, calling problems, incoming problems, outgoing problems, etc. so even if you go to an expert he will be unable to answer your questions sometimes due to having half the knowledge as new – new problem related to network sim created.

There is a simple solution to this: you can call the number customer care where you don’t need to elaborate problem in a certain way.

The company call center will understand your problem easily and will try to fix your problem quickly as they will get mouth publicity benefits when they solve their customer problem within a short duration. 

Make sure that you don’t give your phone to an unknown person to solve your issue because there is a high chance that your phone get hacked or miss some important information.

There are very basic things that you need to follow to keep your mobile and your private data safe. Like keeping passwords, not sharing passwords with unknowns, active location of mobile, etc.


mobile data
mobile data

Monthly recharge or annually which are better

We can’t say that only a particular recharge plan is best as every plan has its advantages and disadvantages.

The monthly plan value is low compared to the yearly but benefits like data provided by the yearly plan are much bigger than the monthly plan.

But in case you have to choose one of them then you should go for the monthly plan if you are a person who worries about a single penny also.

This is because, in the current situation, there is high competition between various SIM card companies which are always in the race to provide the best offer for their users.

For example, if some company came up with a free recharge plan for the first 3 months, and if you have a 1-year plan then it will be useless for you because that plan will end by the end of your yearly plan. That’s why using a monthly plan is always better.


1] How many hours does it take to use 1GB?

Ans: there is no particular answer for this as it depends on what type of app you are using because various app uses different data per second.

2] Is 1.5 GB enough for a day?

Ans: yes, mostly 1.5 to 2 GB are enough for the day.

3] Do I need unlimited data?

Ans: if you work online all day then might you need unlimited.

4] Which international SIM card is best for the USA?

Ans: KeepGo is best for international SIM cards and is best for the USA.

5] What is the cost of a SIM card in the USA?

Ans: around 30 $ cost of a sim card in the USA.


We guarantee you that if you follow all the procedures carefully then definitely your data will not vanish quickly.

If you are a person who works for hours online then no matter how many tricks you use your data will vanish so in case only one option is in your hand use a big recharge plan for your mobile so you will get enough data per day.

Hope all your problems will get solved after this article related to mobile data if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your family so they also save their data if they are facing the same problem.

Thanks once again for visiting our page.  

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