The Zillion-Dollar Frittata is the most expensive omlet  in the world: This $1,000 dish is served at Norma's at the Le Parker Meridien hotel in NYC.

It takes chicken 26 hours to produce an egg. and nearly 50 times hen turns egg to keep the yolk from sticking to the side.

Harriet, a hen from the United Kingdom, laid the world's largest egg in 2010. egg measured 9.1 inches in diameter.

According to ornithology study Floating eggs are older and less nutritional than sinking eggs of hen.

Colour of egg yolk depend on hen's diet. which reflect as darker coloured yolk contain more protein.

hen's in the United State of America produce Approximately 75 billion to 95 billion eggs per annum .

egg shell contain approximate 17000 pores which allow oxygen, carbon dioxide to escape outside of egg.

china shocked the world when it started producing artificial eggs. which made from same material used for artificial rice