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See when it comes to blogging it depends on your interest in earning money from the blogging side part main thing required in blogging is knowledge and passion for a particular subject or topic.

Many bloggers are earning way more than most entrepreneurs and businessmen and the reason for this is their passion for their subject only.
If you are going to start blogging in 2023 then you must have interest in participating topics so you will remain consistent in blogging despite low views.

So if you are clear about what you want to join blogging then you are ready to go ahead about the best topic where you can create your interest and start a website in 2023.



There are many topics on which you can write a blog but we came here with certain topics that will help you in your blogging journey.


See in today’s generation of evolution there is a boom of innovation and the latest technology.

We see that most of the user on the internet is young generation and the ultimate aim of our blogging is to gain lots of views. So technology will be the best topic for you. In technology also.

There are many topics like AI, machine learning, space technology, biotechnology, etc.


Traveling is another topic that is very different from others because except for journey in other topics like technology, and the law, there is specific information that has certain limitations but in the case of the journey everyone has their view.

Everyone has their own perspective of looking at life differently.

So you can start your website with a journey topic and if you are a traveler or like traveling abroad or within a country then the sky has the limit for blogging in journey topics.


Common problem solution
Many websites only focus on topics like marketing, the stock market, and insurance which give higher CPC than other topics.

Though these topics are very good for earning and viewership, if we see competition then there is very much competition.

In such a scenario, if you focus on a topic like a common problem then we think that you will get enough information to write a blog.

There are many common problems in day-to-day life like basic remedy solutions, health problems, stress problems, problems related to academics, etc.


Many people are very good at dancing, painting, or like to drive, swim,  and play games and if you are one of those people then you can start your website by writing an article on your hobby.

The main benefits of this are that when you are interested in a particular thing you don’t require lots of knowledge about that topic you can create your knowledge about that thing.

Nowadays people like to read another perspective on particular topics the same thinking and same skill of writing make views boring.





Can I fully depend on blogging

many people leave their jobs for blogging and do well in it after that?

but it’s very necessary that first, you understand all the pros and cons of blogging and other information.

because many people also fail in blogging which lead them to face various problem.

if you have an interest in articles or you are already earning a good amount of money from the website then you can think about fully depending on the website.

though there are lots of opportunities and money in the websites there is also very tough competition as today prominent new companies also cover the website market so it’s very difficult to depend only on blogging.

so our suggestion to you is that write an article but side by side try to find other ways of earning money like YouTube, and freelancing so if the website fails then you will face fewer difficulties.



is a laptop required for creating a website

yes, if you need a laptop to write artwork, customize it, and many more.

though you can do this work from mobile also but is very difficult due to its size.

so if you have a laptop then it’s very good for you but if you don’t have a laptop but want to work on the article you can use someone other laptop but make sure that you protect your site by using a password.




1] What are the 4 pillars of blogging?

Ans: consistency, patience, uniqueness, and hard work are the 4 pillars of blogging.

2] How do I monetize my blog?

Ans: there is an absence platform of Google where you can submit your site and monetize it so you will able to generate some amount of money through advertisement.

3] How much does Google pay for 1,000 views on the blog?

Ans: it depends on the location from where you get views, if you get views from a top-class company like America then you get a higher amount of money for 1000 views than other country views.

4] How much does AdSense pay for 1 click?

Ans: sometimes ads pay 1$ t  to 30$  pay for 1 click also if the niche topic is like insurance, the attorney then it goes up to 70$.

5] How much traffic do I need for AdSense?

Ans: there is no such rule that specifies that you need particular traffic for Adsense approval.




See, in the end, it depends on you that, how you can make money whether it’s blogging or any other way. because no one can calculate someone’s expenses.

so if you are facing some problem then take time and decide on your own as no one can understand the difficulty and the individual itself.

we hope that all your queries regarding blogging will get solved but in case you still feel that something is lacking then don’t hesitate to put your comment in the comment section.

we will try to solve your problem within a week. if you like the article then share it with your friends and thanks for visiting our page.




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