Why can’t I get freelancing work? 2023




nowadays earning money online is very convenient due to the availability of essential platforms and devices. Freelancing is one of the ways to earn money online.

people try to earn from freelance work but most people fail to earn a penny and leave freelancing.

If you are one of those people who faced failure in freelancing but want to earn money from freelancing then you are on the right path after this article your problems will be solved.



Why many people fail in freelancing


lack of originality

originality is the main thing that you need in freelancing. many people fill in wrong information about themselves just to increase their impression on the client also they fill in skills which even they don’t know just to earn lots of money. 


Lack of interest

many people start working on freelance work sites just by seeing other people’s earnings. in such case, people don’t have an actual interest which make them inconsistent in their work and after some time they lose interest.

consistency and hard work are the ways to achieve success in feeling as you get work on your previous work performance. 


Wrong time management

time management is the main strategy for getting work and freelancing many people are not active in time when a client needs their solution which makes a bad experience for the client and makes them reject your profile.

when a particular number of clients reject some profile then that profile gets a low rank by the freelancing platform. 



how you can achieve success in freelancing



consistency is in priority whether it’s freelancing or any other earning platform. if you are consistent then believe us you will get work on a freelancing platform.

many examples show that due to their consistency, they achieve lots of success in freelancing.


hard work

hard work is necessary for freelancing though it is a basic thing that everyone knows we mention this here because [people forget such things which are essential for success in their work.

if you are present on the platform for earning money then clients who are paying you money are also there to gain something and obviously, clients will demand something better for money so there is no alternative to hard work.




be original if you don’t know a skill that is in demand then you can just go for a skill that have low earnings after some time you can work on such a skill.

the more you preset yourself original more you will get work as platform work on originality and once you get a strong client base then they always will hire so keep your originality by feeling all original skill and information.



time management

you have to learn time management and some research also you have to do like from which country more projects come on the freelancing platform.

 which time most people are active on freelance work sites, if you do such research and manage your time then it becomes very easy for you to get work.



one platform

Try to use one platform, using multiple platforms can create disturbance for you which distract you from your actual goal. using one platform to stay focused on your work as every platform has its features.




you can invest some money at the initial stage for getting work so you get reviews and performance reviews that make a good impression on the clients. there is no compulsory need to invest but if you have money then you can do it. 



learning is the ultimate process for success if you don’t have sill then first learn and then start freelancing. 






Which platform is best for freelancing

See here are many platforms through which you can do freelance work. Various platform has their own rule and charges for using their services.

It’s very important to choose the best platform because it involves your private information your work and the money you earn from various clients.

Many people have complained that they invest their money and time in a particular platform and in the end, they observe that they lose their all money.

So it’s better to take time and choose the Right platform, there are some prominent platforms like Upwork, freelancer, and Fiverr.

The platform is unique if you use Upwork then you will get a notification related to your skill filled in your form.

In Fiverr you have to bid for a client project generally projects in this are from 5 dollars. It’s upon you that you can use all platforms or anyone.



Is Fully depending on freelancing worth it

Some people are working full-time as freelancers also many people are earning lots of money way better than engineers and doctors.

Though there is lots of money in freelance work making blind decisions is harmful at times.

freelancing work is like when you get a project only then you will get money so it is not a permanent job.

As a change, there are many such tools created day by day that make human work easy like AI artificial intelligence can create a painting, or script anything which leads to fewer projects on the freelancing platform than before 5  to 6 years.

also nowadays no one knows when some pandemic will come that will stop work on freelancing sites in 2019 due to the pandemic ay people lose freelancing work.

so it’s clear that anything that happens in a digital platform works so it’s on you how you prioritize your work and make a decision.





1] Why can’t I get freelance work?

Ans: due to a lack of proper strategy you are not able to be successful in freelance work.

2] Who is the highest-paid freelancer in India?

Ans: blockchain technology freelancers are the highest-paid freelancers in America.

3] What is the average age of freelancers in America?

Ans: the average age of a freelancer in America is between 25 to 60.

4] How much can a beginner earn from freelancing in the USA?

Ans: there is no particular number but on average, it’s about  1000 thousand dollars per annum earned by the beginner from freelancing.

5] Can I do freelancing on mobile?

Ans: yes you can do freelance work on mobile but only on small projects like converting pdf and documents.





Whether it’s freelance work or any other online earning platform everywhere you need to work hard in the proper direction.

though there are many opportunities I freelanced competition is also there so you must follow the necessary steps continuously with work.

If you follow the above suggestion then we guarantee you that you will get the best result that you expect from freelancing. 

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