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In the current situation, YouTube is not only for entertainment purposes many people are earning lots of money from YouTube. many people only depend on their channel and become full-time YouTubers.

as Youtube also pays much more money than a corporate job if a YouTuber has a good fan base.

You provide money with recognition which leads many people to be attracted to the YouTuber profession.

In his article, we are going to help such people who started their channels but facing problems in growing their channels. all this article is based on authenticating results and disunion with popular YouTubers. 



the major factor that stops the youtube channel’s growing


there are many micro problems which lead to affect YouTube channel growth, but those factors affect only some cases. some big factors are seen in every YouTube problem thus we mention such a big problem only.



proper niche


selecting the proper niche is very important for you as all your channel growth and views depend on it.

if you select some topic which trending in the market but they are not in the long run then of course your channel work will don after some time.

also when you select some topic and then try to link it with that topic, many YouTubers make disturbance due to posting random video on a channel which affect viewership.

if you stick with one niche it will build your trust in you.

Your video got many random views but how many authenticated views do you get from your daily viewers It matters as they are going to your long-time income source. 





consistency is the key to success like this in your channel consistency is the key to channel growth.

gaining a subscriber or like s is not difficult but maintaining that legacy and that level of interest among viewers is most important.

many people have millions of subscribers but they don’t get even ten thousand views on video due to inconsistency.

if you put a video in a consistence way viewer always connects with you by your post or video.

viewer always creates new content with new variations and due to inconsistency if one viewer lose interest in your video hen marks our work that viewer will not come to your channel again. 



invalid traffic


many beginner try to pull invalid traffic on their channels only just to increase views and likes but in the end, it going to affect your channel badly.

YouTube policy is very strict and easily detects which channel traffic is authenticated and which channel traffic is fake.

Once you recognize your channel as disturbed with policy then it almost discards your channel from its training channel.

If your content is very important in ranking you also push your video to boost the confidence of beginners but if you are caught doing an inappropriate activity with your channel then it will create lots of problems for your channel.

also, you play a very crucial role in growing channels you always try to promote channels that conveniently post videos as you have to show the best content to their viewers from time to time.





many people start your channel by seeing a YouTube.

they start their channel with any random topic in which they have zero interest. any work without interest ultimately leads to discussing results.

As there are lots of creators who are already making videos on the same topic that you are also making without interest other YouTubers are giving their best in video making.

due to lots of available options for viewers, they will choose the best video and thus your video will never get viewed as you expected.

YouTube channel is an interest-based business where you have to post videos where you are interested because you will put in your all hard work and different ideas which will attract viewers. 

so try to make a video on an interesting topic money will automatically come into your pocket.



manipulated video


many YouTubers try to manipulate videos by changing thumbnails and changing the title of videos just to gain views.

manipulating video will not give you long-term videos also it will bad impression on viewers.

Sometimes you get banned or deleted due to reporting by viewers related to manipulating video.

so if you know about a particular topic then only make videos on it just to grab videos If you are making videos and giving inappropriate information to viewers then you will get some voice but after that, your channel will get dead.

don’t use any kind of fake thumbnail or, as in the description. less authenticated views always give you the benefit that lots of manipulated views.  









1] Is it hard to get 500 subscribers?

Ans: no, it is very easy to get 500 subscribers but you have to put your hard work into video making.

2]How much money will I get if I have 1000 subscribers?

Ans: Adscence pays you for views in your video which is also divided by country.

3] Does YouTube pay monthly?

Ans: it depends on how many views you get monthly more views get more money.

4] Does YouTube pay for shorts?

Ans: currently YouTube is not paying for short as you get money after ads run on video. but if in future you start ads on your short then it can possible.

5] Do YouTubers get paid if they skip ads?

Ans: no if you skip ads ads will not pay money, though in some cases ads pay money but very little amount. 





starting your channel is a very easy process but uploading videos consistently is a very hardworking process that demands patience with consistency. there is lots of money on youtube but competition is also at it peak where everyone tries to become on YouTuber to get fame and money.

if your channel is not going then try the method mentioned above and try to be consistent at some point you will get what you want.

there are many YouTubers who failed to gain 100 subscribers in the beginning but now they are urging on YouTube. hope the method given by us will help you to solve your problem.

if you like his article then please share it with your friends so they will get some solution if they are facing the same problem. thanks for visiting our page. 



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